John Parello is a Senior Technical Leader in the Enterprise Networking Group at Cisco. He is the lead architect for the Cisco Digital Celing and coinventor for Cisco EnergyWise. He is the coauthor of "IP Enabled Energy Management" which outlines a strategy for enabling energy as an IP service.

John joined Cisco in 1999 as an engineer in the Network Management Technology Group. He was responsible for developing network management applications focusing on fault processing and event correlation for campus and telephony management applications.

John later moved to the Wireless Network Technology Group at Cisco where he worked on the Wireless Lan Service Engine

Before joining Cisco, John was the head of engineering for Avesta Technologies, a network management startup. Prior to that he worked for Morgan Stanley specializing in high volume cash transaction processing and predictions. John began his career in New York working for the public utility where he worked on large scale Object Oriented databases.

He attended New York University and received a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. While still a student he developed the University's first production computerized registration systems. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Steven's Institute of Technology and was an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Pace University.

John was born and raised in New York City and now resides in San Jose, California